We have made an example to demonstrate such a device with the help of the very common Arduino Nano or Arduino Uno platform.

The example demonstrates the creation and set-up of temperature channels and fan control channels.

We show here a hardware solution for the popular Dallas DS18B20 temperature sensors and for connecting 4-pin pwm controlled fans.

With additional circuitry and software changes, you could control 3-pin voltage controlled fans also or use different  temperature sensors.

You can adapt the hardware to your needs, built it around a completely different microcontroller, change the number of  temperature and fan control channels and so on.

Each hardware device can have up to 6 temperature channels and 6 fan control channels.

Argus Monitor will detect and use any such device as long as the serial communication protocol (see below) is respected.

If the 'Argus Controller hardware support' option in Settings/Stability is enabled, Argus Monitor will probe the specified COM-Ports for Argus Controller devices.

It will use the first 4 devices (if specified and available) as additional HW Monitor sources within the application.

Activating open hardware controller in settings

Activating Argus Controller in Argus Monitor settings