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Argus Monitor is shareware.

You can test our Software for a 30-day period. If you are willing to continue using the program after that time, you are required to purchase a license key.

Argus Monitor licenses can be purchases on our website, both for personal/non-commercial as well as for commercial use.

License features


Purchase link

Argus Monitor

personal and commercial use

  • Valid for all new versions of Argus Monitor released within one year or 3 years after purchase

  • Valid for two computers (for each additional PC the license fee increases by US $ 2.90 or € 2.70 for the one year license or US $ 5.90 or € 5.50 for the three year license)

  • Possibility for renewal of update maintenance (US $ 6.50 / € 5.90 or US $ 11.90 (for 1 year) / € 10.90 (for 3 years) possible)

  • For private and commercial use

  • For all supported Windows versions

US $ 8.50

€ 7.90

(1 year)

US $ 17.50

€ 16.50

(3 years)

Purchase license

Currently we accept the following methods of payment: