Argus Monitor Professional

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The functionality of Argus Monitor Professional is in general identical to that of the Standard version.

In addition, the installation as a Windows service is possible. This allows Argus Monitor to operate regardless of whether a user is logged in or not. This enables the monitoring computers that are running unattended or of servers.

Also a password protection for the program preferences is implemented.

For operation of Argus Monitor in a commercial environment, the Professional version is required.

For operation of Argus Monitor on Windows Home Server, Windows Server or Windows Enterprise operating systems, the Professional version is also required.


To install the additional components required for Argus Monitor Professional, please select the option ‘Argus Monitor Professional’ during the setup process. This creates a new entry in the Windows start menu for the Argus Monitor Service Configurator.

After starting the Argus Monitor Service Configurator, you can then set up the system service by clicking on the 'Install' button. After this is done, the Windows service for Argus Monitor Professional is started automatically at every system restart.


The configuration of Argus Monitor Professional running as a Windows service is independent of all other existing "normal" configurations on this system, which are specific to the user that is currently logged on.

In the Service Configurator all changes to the settings are done by clicking on the 'Settings' button. The settings correspond to the settings of the standard version, only those for display and graphics are not available as, for a system service, they are not needed or relevant, respectively.

After modification of the settings, the Windows service will be restarted automatically. In addition, the service can also be started or stopped via the two buttons 'Start' and 'Stop' in the Service Configurator.

Of particular interest for unattended running PC or servers are the settings for the various warnings when exceeding certain specified thresholds. If those events occur, an E-mail can be sent to the system administrator or a user defined program can be run.

Fan control for fans on graphics cards that support it is also possible with Argus Monitor Professional Windows service.

Argus Monitor Service Configurator